NEWS 2020


July 25th
Today would be the last major championships before the Worlds!
Due to be an MSR competition, we thought it would be fitting to do our P/M’s arrangement of a classic March - The Highland Wedding - SLOT style!!!

**Special thanks to Murray Blair for his help with this one, we have 14 Blair chanters with the new SLOT practice chanter sound (which is now available for download so you can play along in perfect harmony) featured in this video**

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June 27th 2020
Today should be the European Championships in Inverness!
Yet again, for the 3rd time this year we can’t be with our friends and comrades competing on the competition field, but hopefully this video of an old classic, Rathven Market, and an early Terry Tully composition, Top Hat Tom, will help lift the spirits today!
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13th June 2020
Today marks the day of the 2020 UK championships which, along with the rest of the pipe band season is cancelled.
Following our recent “Silver Threads” video, we hope you enjoy our newest set of 4/4’s.......with a twist.
This is our Crazy Frazy set, named after our P/M’s troublesome 2 year old daughter, Freya.
We hope you enjoy.
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27th May 2020
This video was originally posted to Facebook, on what should have been the day of the first major championship, The British @ Paisley on Saturday 23rd May 2020.....
But although that didn't happen this year, it hasn’t stopped us practicing, playing some great music and most importantly having fun as a team together.
We will mark the day of each major championship with a “virtual” band performance, playing some SLOT classics and also some new and fresh material.
We hope you are all staying safe and looking after yourselves and families.

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29th May 2020


By now, you'll have twigged that the website has changed a bit.......

There's a new look and feel along with some additional content and functionality - see below.

Install us on your phone in a couple of clicks and view like an app - follow the details below......

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We've hooked in our Instagram feed and this will feature interviews with the players on a regular basis.

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March 11th 2020



For O'Toole's, we had been preparing as usual for the start of the season in May, but as the COVID crisis escalated, the first engagement on our calendar was cancelled - St.Patrick's Day..

Then, our practice venue was closed as the country went into lockdown.

The next one to fall was more significant for the band.....

The first major of the season, the British Championships, bit the dust on March 16th and one by one, the remaining championships were called off.

So, that was that.......the 2020 season was over - before it even started !!

At this point no one knows where we'll stand this time twelve months - all we can do is hope that a vaccine is found.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone and we hope to see you again for the 2021 season.

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